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       Qimei Group has accumulated experience in the long-term independent construction of TFT-LCD plants. Under the circumstances of significant growth in amount, size and weight of equipment in all generations in the electronic industry, it was the first to give up aluminum raised floor that is customarily built on the air return floor of clean rooms. Moreover, Qimei Group actively improves the construction level and solves the shortcomings of the old practices, with the goal of more specifically meeting the requirements of the special standards on the TFT-LCD process, which is also the motivation for the continuous development of the Qi’s cylinder system.
       Our team is the only one that has developed independently and has complete and mature experience in building clean rooms and floor layout without raised floor systems.
The following are service items:
       1. Provide a complete set of construction methods and provide construction guidance;
       2. Provide consultative and construction experience and actively prevent the occurrence of construction errors and lack;
       3. Assist homeowners to achieve the maximum cost reduction requirements for floor layout without raised floor systems.